Welcome to Just Add Software. Our goal is simple - produce easy to use software that makes your life easier and just makes things work. Our focus is on providing configuration and control solutions that work together with video distribution and remote control systems from Just Add Power, Inc.

Latest Update

MediaSwitcher 4.2 Released

Just Add Software is pleased to announced that version 4.2 of MediaSwitcher is now availavble. Building on the legacy of previous versions, MediaSwitcher 4.2 adds several new enhancements that will appeal to the commercial intergrator and user. Version 4.2 adds Two-Way AV Control for our Pro and Enterprise users. Now get messages or responses back from devices on the network and take actions on them. FOr example, recieve caller-ID information from a VOIP phone system and display it on one more more displays in the system. Version 4.2 also allows locking decvices to a specific switch in multiple switch networks. Version 4.1 introduced a new Audio Control Window to control the audio features of Plus and AVPro Just Add Power devices. Also added to this version was support for new switches including the Cisco SG350/550 series, Ubiquity UniFi and Luminex Gigacore switches. Version 4.0 added features include a new "Enterprise" license level with unlimited video devices and user logins and permissions, an all new Maintenance and Monitoring Dashboard that shows vital statistics of the entire system, enhanced Plus4Plus controls and more. See the MediaSwitcher page for more information and details.

Our Software

HD over IP™ Control Center Software

Just Add Software's HD over IP™ products target the need for an economical and simple solution for configuration and operation of HD over IP™ based HD video distribution networks. Developed in partnership with Just Add Power, Inc., these applications are designed to work with Just Add Power's entire HD over IP™ product line.

We also support Global Cache's connectivity devices. We are a global cache value added reseller. If you wish to purchase Global Cache products, please contact us.

  • MediaSwitcher

    Media Switcher ™

    Control an HD over IP video matrix via TCP/IP from a Mac, Windows or Linux computer. Easily automate the video matrix. Control video walls, +4+ Tilers and other devices. The only Just Add Power centric control system.

  • MediaSwitcher Web

    Media Switcher Web ™

    provides a web based interface for controlling the video matrix. Works with nearly any web browser and provides customized page layouts.

  • MoreVue

    MoreVue ™

    MoreVue™provides Just Add Power HD/IP system users running Layer 3 topologies the ability to receive on their computer live previews of any or all their devices.

  • InstallerPro

    InstallerPro ™

    Designed for custom installers, InstallerPro™ allows for easy and quick initial configuration of several popular managed network switches. It can be used with any installation and will configure a managed switch for the Just Add Power system from an initial out of the box state in under a minute.

  • DeBrick


    DeBrick is the officialJust Add Power utility for recovering bricked hardware. Sometimes your device just needs a whack to get it going again!


Technical Support Services

A range of technical support services including app notes and training materials. We can also provide fee or contract based technical support services for your video matrix installation or configuration.